You may not have considered sanding sponges as a marketing tool.  High resolution colour printing for 4-sided sanding blocks and 2-sided sanding pads, and screen printing for 1-sided sanding pads can give you a canvas on which to display your branding.  These images stay with the product after other retail packaging has been discarded.

4-Sided Sanding Blocks & 2-Sided Sanding Pads

Using high resolution print and a waterproof ink you can make your mark on a sponge and it will stay there.  At a small additional cost we can print your brand logo and grit size on the sponges.  Waterproof inks are available in red, black and blue.  Depending on the image design we can print using 1 or 2 ink colours.  As the images are high resolution they look clear even on the porous surface of the foam.  Waterproof images ensure that your design is retained if the product is used with water, or washed.  If you like the idea of printing your brand but would like to consider a different ink colour we can offer a wider range of colours but without the waterproof feature.

1-Sided Sanding Pads

The surface available for printing on 1-sided sanding pads is quite large.  The whole of the uncoated foam face can be covered using screen print.  We have a standard print design which does not include any company branding but gives users grit grade information.  If you prefer to add your own branding we can create screens for printing your brand mark.  Screen printing is the most cost effective way of adding your branding to these pads.

We can also print the foam using the high resolution colour printer.  This is a more expensive print option but offers an opportunity for a different and unique type of design.

Key Features

  • Sharp Colour Printing
  • Promote Your Brand
  • Enhancement to Product, Not Discarded with Packaging
  • Waterproof Ink Options Available
  • Grit Grade can be Printed for User Information
  • Available for Sanding Sponge Products


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